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Proofreading on Macedonian

Following the tradition of our ancestors Gjorgjija Puleski, Partenija Zografski and others who were dedicated to conserve the Macedonian language, galichnik.mk broadens its activity by providing proofread services. Nowadays internet as the most widespread media and has positive impact on the world languages, including the Macedonian, by offering freedom of writing and promoting.

But the freedom of writing means that anybody can post contents in their own language thinking it is without any errors. If only a single incorrect text content is posted on the internet, it immediately has negative influence on other potential writers. Galichnik.mk is here not to remove the freedom of expressing in the Macedonian language but to point out those errors and make a contribution to the improvement of the skills of every writer.

We provide proofreading in Macedonian not only for the websites but for other media as well.

Contact telephone numbers: +38971564610, +38971277288