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Gegoska Bride
Written by Kjeaja   
Tuesday, 24 March 2015 21:22

On 23.03.2015, the local community from Galichnik decided that bride and groom of "Galichnik wedding 2015" will be Biljana Gegoska and Filip Belchev. Although there was a great competition in three other pairs, where each of them had one partner with origin from Galichnik, the decision was made upon Biljana's experience in taking part in the wedding ceremonies and besides that she is an excellent horseback rider. With this choice, Biljana will make a great impact in the history of Galichnik weddings as once did the legends of the Galichnik wedding from Gegoski familiy, starting from her grandfather Gjorgji, through her father Krste and ending with their cousins Dejan, Gjoko and Vasko, all of them taking parts as the flag bearers and riders, and without which the wedding rituals could not be imagined at all.

The decision of the organizing committee of "Galichnik wedding 2015" of the local community, can be downloaded from this link. Galichnik.mk congratulates Biljana and Filip and wish them the best wedding experience and happy life together.