Colony for Chaloski
Written by Kjeaja   
Monday, 26 October 2015 22:41

On 23rd and 24th of October, Galichnik literary colony took place in Galichnik. An unusual period, if it is known that each of the previous years the macedonian literary activists gathered during the Ilinden national holiday to read something from their latest works before the audience in Galichnik. This time, during another holiday, the litterateurs gathered not only for the people from Galichnik and to prevent the discontinuance of the literary colony, but to pay a respect to one of its founders and long-time organizer. Only this time he was not physically present.

The atmosphere in the church St. Petka (photo by Kiro Kiproski)

On the other hand, during those cold autumn days, the people from Galichnik, although not in great numbers as during the summer, followed the colony with attention, not only to listen to the works of the participants but, before all, to pay respect to their fellow citizen, poet and publicist, Todor Chaloski. Only this time he was not phisically present.

The colony started in the church St. Petka with reading of excerpts from his works and expressing memories of him. During this atmosphere of verse reading and arrays of memories, all guests, no matter they were his colleges or his countrymen, realized that Chaloski will be present among them, but on a different way.

Uncle Tosho (as younger generation calls him) left suddenly, in the heat of the preparations for the Galichnik literary colony. That was the reason why it was not held this summer. But many people thought that it deserves to be held and more, in his honor. Years ago, before the great poet finished his life path, his verses were written in then newly opened museum of Galichnik's cultural heritage, between Grigor Prlichev and Blazhe Koneski. In one occasion he said that that was the happiest day of his life. No matter this literary colony dedicated to him, finished modestly, it is certain that if he could see that atmosphere spotted with applauding and tears, he will be even happier than in the moment he saw his name and verses on the gilded plate in the museum.

It is a mission for all the people from Galichnik and his friends and colleges to continue his work and to help Galichnik literary colony to outlive him for many years. Only this time it will not be considered as "colony of Chaloski" but "colony for Chaloski".