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Winter "binoculars"
Written by Kjeaja   
Monday, 01 February 2016 11:20

The winter in Galichnik lasts longer than in other places, but that does not mean that in the middle of it, a period of stable and sunny weather can not occur, as it was the case in the second half of the first month of 2016. Lot of people seized this opportunity in the last weekend of January to visit Galichnik and the surrounding area. In order to stimulate the new winter guests to experience the winter beauties of Galichnik as soon as possible, because the winter will not last forever, we present several interesting photos made from the nearby peak Rudina, on the opposite side.

Galichnik "protected" by the belt of pine forest.



Karbula peak.

Ricks of Govedarnik and the endless whiteness of Bistra mountain.

Zla Strana and the rocks of Kofilkovica.

Skala, Gladezh and Kokosharnik canyon, with the slopes of Veli Vrv peak in the background.