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Announcement 28.03.2017
Written by Kjeaja   
Wednesday, 29 March 2017 15:33

Dear all,

On 28.03.2017 in Skopje, at the University of tourism and management, an Assembly of the local community of Galichnik  was held, during which a new Council of the local community was chosen.

With the largest number of votes, for the members of the Council were elected the following proposed candidates:

- Aleksandar Kostikj
- Aleksandar Filiposki
- Gordana Bekrikj
- Vasko Velichkovski
- Pavle Kamilovski
- Dejan Dukovski
- Violeta Boshnakovska
- Marko Bislimovski
- Gavrilo Kuncheski
- Marko Filipovski

We want to express a huge gratitude for the high trust and support that we received from the present voters from Galichnik at the Assembly and also we would like to make a promise that all of our activities will be in the function of improving of the living conditions in Galichnik and also a development of Galichnik towards an attractive place that will be visited by many guests from our country and from abroad.