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Written by Kjeaja   
Friday, 10 October 2008 09:51

This is an old movie (probably more than 50 years old according to the houses shown) about Galichnik, which gives a picture of the life in summer and especially during the St. Peter's Day when the wedding ceremonies occur.

The author of the movie is some guy named Sifrit Trajkovich, unknown to me and apparently to most of the web searchers.

For me the interesting thing about this movie is the change of the surrounding area. First of all, the road across Bistra which leads to Mavrovo is unpaved and in pretty bad condition. However, on one sequence you will notice that there are several roads and footpaths on the opposing hill, on the left side of Gjenevica, which are frequent according to the thick lines shown. Also there is almost no forest on those parts, and one of the reasons besides the increased number of travelers is the fact that the graveyard was still active.

For now, i do not recognize any of the people which took part in the movie. But i can see someone still living in the Azhieski's house (the birthplace of Partenija Zografski), according to the rags and clothes on its windows. It was exactly as i remember it the last time, before it fell apart.

Many thanks to Nada Bocevska for allowing us to watch it on the internet.

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