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Written by Kjeaja   
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 23:05

Luckily the search for the person who has all the credits for making the "Galichnik" movie, is over.

And that person is not Sifrit Trajkovich, but Sifrid Miladinov (1895 - 1962), a Kumanovo native, who spent part of his life in Zagreb, Croatia. That is also the reason why it was impossible to be found on the internet. Intentionally or not, because it was an immigrant, the Croats arranged the movie with a false name. It is also possible that Sifrid put his name for reasons unknown.

The most important thing is the fact that his amateur 11 minute 16mm mute documentary is one of the earliest color movies ever. According to Maccinema who owns a full length original copy (the one on this site is shorter with some deleted scenes), it was filmed in 1939 and developed in 1940.

I got information from KAM collective that efforts are made to gain a copy for the needs of the Museum of Galichnik's cultural herritage.

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