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Adamic Louis

(1898 - 1951)

One of the greatest american writers from Yugoslav origin. In his writings he usually described the life of the emigrants. In his book "The Native’s Return", there is a chapter about Macedonia titled "The clock handles go backwards here". In this chapter, the author actually speaks about Galichnik, where he stayed thanks to two Macedonian emigrants in the USA, who were going back home.

Ajradin Pasha

(1800 ? - 1870 ?)

Turkish aristocrat who was ordered by his superiors opposing the central rule of the sultan, to take an army and burn Galichnik, in the summer of 1845. However when he experienced the beauty of Galichnik and the noble people that lived there, he decided not to accomplish the given task and gave reasons to the Turkish authorities why Galichnik must not be destroyed.

Drnkov Blagoja

(1914 - 2012)

A doyen of the Macedonian photography. Received a medal for service for Macedonia. His photos of Galichnik during the 20th century are of a great importance for learning the history of Galichnik in that period.

Kapidan Kuzman

(1810 ? - 1847)

Protector of Galichnik and most of the western Macedonia from the criminal gangs that ravaged the macedonian settlements. Near Galichnik, he was killed in the moments of victory against a gang of muslim albanians that threatened Galichnik at that time. Although it is certain that he was buried in Galichnik, the exact location is still unknown.

Kuba Ludvik

(1863 - 1956)

Czech landscape painter, musician, writer, professor in the Academy of Fine Arts. He was a representative of the Late-Impressionism and he collected folk traditions, especially themes from Galichnik with the wedding customs explained in his book "Book about Macedonia" where he also added his paintings with motives from Galichnik.

Miladinov Sifrid

(1895 - 1962)

One of the most important cameramen in Macedonian history. Before the first world war, he started to learn the photography craft and later he opened his own photography studio. He projected films for a certain period and in 1939 he filmed the documentary "Galichnik" which was released a year later as one of the first color movies at a time.

Prlichev Grigor

(1830 - 1893)

Macedonian poet and writer, probably the greatest figure in macedonian literacy in the 19th century. In his poem "Serdarot", for which he receives the first prize for a best poem in Athens in 1860, he describes the hard times of macedonian people in western Macedonia especially in Galichnik and the surrounding area.

Sazdov Tome

(1934 - 2004)

Professor and director of the Department of Literature on the Philology Faculty of University "St. Kiril and Metodij" in Skopje. His areas of expertise were folk literature and literary history, especially those related to Galichnik, which he has treated extensively in numerous books and articles, including the book "Illustrious Macedonian revivals from Galichnik".