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(1760 ? - 1839)

Archimandrate and hegumen of the monastery "St. Jovan Bigorski" at the beginning of the 19th century. Most of today's parts of the monastery is built under his initiative, including the famous iconostasis.

Bolinoski Genadi

(1930 - 2006)

Poet, writer and narrator, long-time member of the Association of writers in Macedonia. Also worked as a journalist and editor in the Macedonian Radio Television. Prize-winner for best book for children on "Struga poetry evenings".

Brezoski Slavko


Professor of architecture on the Faculty of Architecture on the university "St. Kiril and Metodij" in Skopje. Among his most important achievements are the cathedral "St. Kliment Ohridski" in Skopje and the hotel "Neda" in Galichnik.

Chaloski Todor

(1945 - 2015)

Poet, literacy critic, journalist, president of the Association of writers in Macedonia and founder of Galichnik literary colony. In his achievements, he uses Galichnik as his usual inspiration. Prize-winner of "Brothers Miladinovci" and "Grigor Prlichev".

Dojchinoski-Rosoklija Stojche

(1924 - 2014)

Researcher and promoter of the cultural heritage of Galichnik. Author and publisher of many papers and journals about his homeland, including his most important - the book "Galichnik in the cultural history of Macedonia". Gives a lot of contribution for Galichnik's revitalization.

Drenkoski Jakov


One of the best guitarists and musicians in the macedonian pop-rock history. Author of significant number of non-commercial hits like "Skitnik", "Sekjavanje na prvata ljubov", "Midnight cowboy", ...

Dukoski Dejan


A theater, film and television screenplay writer. Author of several popular theater performances. Works as an assistant of film and television screenplay at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Skopje.

Frchkoski Apostol

(1876 - 1939)

Great macedonian patriot, poet, wood carver and fresco painter, one of the last craftsmen of the Frchkoski family. His most important role was the leadership of the Kichevo-Debar revolutionary region in 1902-1903 and especially during the Ilinden period in the summer 1903. He was also mayor of Galichnik during the Bulgarian occupation 1915-1918.

Frchkoski Makarije

(1806 - 1849)

Notable wood carver, artisan of the Debar wood carving school. Together with Petre Filiposki-Garkata and their tayfa completed the well known iconostasis of the monastery "St. Jovan Bigorski" and the church "St. Spas" in Skopje.

Gjinoska-Ilkova Vesna


One of the greatest opera singers in Macedonia. Behind her there are a lot of roles in opera plays, as well as soloist concerts. She also proved her performances on the podiums during her visits in the foreign countries.

Gjinoski Aleksa

(1851 - 1894)

One of the pioneers of the macedonian photography. Between 1870 and 1894 he made wonderful photographs with themes from Macedonia as well as southern Serbia. He even opened his photograph studio in Vranje. Also, he founded the theater in Podgorica.

Gjinoski Panajot

(1841 - 1886)

Collector and publisher of Macedonian folk songs and other folklore and ethnographic materials. Author of the symposium of historical, lexicographic, folklore and ethnological elements, written in Galichnik dialect, which represents a source for a lot of information about the history of Galichnik in the 19th century.

Gjinoski Teofil

(1846 - 1894)

Stone-carver and fresco-painter. Spent most of his life working in Montenegro where teamed up with his brother Vasilko, he left an impressive legacy in taking part in the building of more than 100 churches.

Gjinoski Vasilko

(1848 - 1924)

One of the most important fresco-painter in the macedonian history who painted in more than 130 churches and monasteries in Macedonia, Montenegro, southern Serbia and Kososvo. For his work he was rewarded many times with church honors. Also he received acknowledgments for his exhibitions in Paris and London.

Hadzhievski Dragan

(1928 - 2015)

Professor and founder of the seismological observatory at the Faculty of natural sciences and mathematics in Skopje. One of the most highly recognized scientists in the fields of geophysics and seismology.

Lichenoski Lazar

(1901 - 1964)

Founder of the Macedonian contemporary painting art. Author of probably the most important paintings in the history of the Macedonian painting art. His motives are usually the landscapes from his home and Macedonia.

Lonoski-Ognjanovikj Rista

(1870 - 1941)

Collector of folklore materials and researcher of the Galichnik's cultural heritage. His achievements prove even more the historical facts about Galichnik. His tribute is the house "Dosta" in Galichnik in which today the museum of Galichnik's cultural heritage is situated.

Puleski Gjorgjija

(1820 - 1895)

Probably the most important person in the history of Galichnik and Macedonia. This soldier, writer, historian and linguist, took part in several wars and uprisings, important for Macedonia. Founder of literacy organizations and author of the first macedonian grammar, several dictionaries, poems, and of course the first published book for Macedonian history.

Sarieski Aleksandar

(1922 - 2002)

Doyen of Macedonian folk song, drummer in "Tanec" and skilled interpretative. Receiver of large number of awards. Most of his songs are themes for his home, and the most popular are: "Zajdi, zajdi", "Kondisal Ajradin Pasha", "Bog da ubiet Debrani", "Filizoj mome", "Ilino mome", "Ludi mladi godini", ...

Tomoski Todor

(1815 ? - 1876)

One of the kjeajas, protector of Galichnik from the enemies during the Turkish rule. He found a way to befriend with the sultan Abdul Azis in order to fight against the common enemy - local rulers and criminal gangs. He was even given a temporary leadership of the sultan's army in order to deal with the enemies around Debar. That is the reason why the local people know him as "Todor Tome - half king".

Tomoski Tomo

(1790 ? - 1856)

One of the kjeajas, protector of Galichnik and father of Todor Tomoski. He was one of the reasons why Ajradin Pasha did not destroy Galichnik, also helping him to deal with his superiors that did not respect the sultan's rule. He was a ruthless enemy of the criminal gangs that constantly threatened Galichnik and the whole region. Because of that he was ambushed and killed in Jama area.

Vladicheski Vlatko


One of the best basketball players in macedonian history. Played for the best macedonian teams in the 90's, like Rabotnichki and MZT.

Zografski Partenij

(1818 - 1876)

The first macedonian bishop during the Turkish rule and one of the most educated macedonians at the time. He was also a writer, linguist and close friend of Miladinovski brothers. In his works he distinguished the Macedonian language from the Bulgarian language, directly oposing by that to the foreign propagandas that denied the macedonian language.