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Memories of Apostol Hristov Frchkoski
These are some fragments of the written memories of Apostol Hristov Frchkoski, where he explains the conditions in Kichevo-Debar revolutionary region from Ilinden period, during his leadership, as well as the active role of the people from Galichnik.
Even now Ilinden is celebrated in Galichnik - from the 100th year anniversary of Ilinden uprising
Memories of Apostol Hristov Frchkoski
born in Galichnik city
Kichevo-Debar revolutionary region, consisted of three sub-regions:
     1. Galichnik-Reka;
     2. Debar;
     3. Kichevo;
Galichnik-Reka revolutionary sub-region consisted of all villages which formed the Turkish administrative district (area), called Reka area, including the villages from the Gostivar area: Mavrovo, Leunovo and Nikiforovo. The center of the of the regional committee was Galichnik, with the pseudonym Mirodita.
In August 1902, Kichevo-Debar uprising leader Janaki Janev and the vice leaders Maksim Nenov and Pavle Karahasan, as well as the secretary of the  squad Georgi Savov with the soldiers, arrived in Galichnik, and accommodated in the house of Pavle Stefanov Azhieski. In that house, the leaders called all of the Galichnik nobles, which happened to be in the city and those who were ready for cooperation. The leaders described them the tasks and the goals of VMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization) in detail, which had to be accepted by them if they were willing to become members of the organization, so they have to pass the oath of the constitution, and warned them that those members that oppose the organization will be sentenced to death. With great overjoy, all of the present people expressed wishes to become loyal members of VMRO, and fight for the liberation goal, after which one by one they got up and according to their age were put under oath to the dagger and the revolver, kissed the cross, knife and the gun and passed under the rifles of their fellow soldiers. And so happened the christening of the present people from Galichnik, which from that moment were holding the heavy cross of the organization. Afterward followed the selection of the regional command of the Galichnik-Reka revolutionary sub-region.
For members of the regional command were chosen the following persons from Galichnik:
     1) regional superintendent: Janaki Tomov;
     2) cashier: priest Amvrosi P. Miletiev;
     3) councilors: Vasil H. Cholancheski, Ivan T. Gjinoski, Pavel S. Azhieski, Mihail Lakinski and Avram Torteski;
     4) head courier: Marko Simonov Pleshka;
     5) assistant courier: Luka G. Pleshkovski, Pejchin Tomoski, Toma Azhieski, Evgeni Cvetkov (from village Sushica);
Besides that, there was a courier selection among the women and the following ones were chosen: Kalja Spirova Chacheska, Strumka Simonica Edikovska, Velika Georgieva Pulevska (later killed by the Turkish army during her duty in the area of Ugornichki bridge, towards Debar), Avrosica Kata Koljovska, Avra Damjanica Pangovska and Deli Sofka Cergovska. After this event, the chosen women couriers played a big role and helped in the womens' organizing from the entire region in the regional command, and they took active part in the preparation for the Ilinden uprising together with men.
After that, as a favor to the regional command and with coordination from Apostol Frchkoski, just in case of emergency, two local squads were formed, consisting only from people from Galichnik and numbering 20 soldiers each, all of which were sons of the Galichnik nobles. For leaders of every squad were chosen Mane Tomoski and Mihail Zrzoski. Both local squads were under the command of Apostol Frchkoski, who used them in many actions, as well as gathering weapons, clothes, food etc.
All women from Galichnik were called for gathering in several groups in the church "St. Petka" under the  excuse that they had to attend to some church service, but what really happened was the explanation of the tasks of the organization and every group was put under oath. Afterward there was a selection of corporals, all of which were under the submission of the regional command, and the chief of all women was Vasevica Cholancheska, which was in the direct contact with the regional command and fulfilled the orders of Galichnik-Reka revolutionary prefecture.
From 15th August 1902 till 20th June 1903, the previously selected prefect body, together with all of its sub-agencies, showed  great activity in the organized actions and gathering clothes, weapons and money, so the gathered price surpassed the number 560 golden napoleons, which were kept at the cashier priest Amvrosij, and were used for the organization. On the congress on, held on 23rd April 1903 in village Smilevo, a decision was made - all of the Galichnik-Reka region to become legal after the announcement of the uprising, to be able to, in its power, to be in service of the uprising region in Kichevo, by means of distribution of food, clothes, rifles, patrons, medicament, as well as offering logistics in Galichnik in case of a great  pressure from Turkish armies. At the same time it was considered that if the neutral population in Kichevo and Demir Hisar region would have been left without any support, to  be approved to settle in Galichnik and the surrounding villages, which are wealthy with massive two and three level houses.
Opposite to those congress decisions, Galichnik-Reka revolutionary committe, wanted to take active part in the following people's uprising in Western Macedonia, and decided in coordination with the uprising leader Janaki Janev, to send the assistant leader Maksim Nenov in Sofia, in order to buy weapons and gather and complete one large squad of volunteer emigrants in Bulgaria, from Galichnik and Debar, and use it in Macedonia, especially in Galichnik-Debar revolutionary region.