Galichnik Wedding 2017

Announcement 28.03.2017
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Wednesday, 29 March 2017 15:33

Dear all,

On 28.03.2017 in Skopje, at the University of tourism and management, an Assembly of the local community of Galichnik  was held, during which a new Council of the local community was chosen.

With the largest number of votes, for the members of the Council were elected the following proposed candidates:

- Aleksandar Kostikj
- Aleksandar Filiposki
- Gordana Bekrikj
- Vasko Velichkovski
- Pavle Kamilovski
- Dejan Dukovski
- Violeta Boshnakovska
- Marko Bislimovski
- Gavrilo Kuncheski
- Marko Filipovski

We want to express a huge gratitude for the high trust and support that we received from the present voters from Galichnik at the Assembly and also we would like to make a promise that all of our activities will be in the function of improving of the living conditions in Galichnik and also a development of Galichnik towards an attractive place that will be visited by many guests from our country and from abroad.

Mijak meeting 2
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Tuesday, 08 March 2016 13:48

Galichnik.mk invites you to the second Mijak meeting, as an opportunity for the people from Galichnik to meet their "tribesmen" from other mijak settlements and from other places. Quality program and feast will be provided. Ace Kostikj is responsible for contact from Galichnik (telephone: 078 388 088).



Winter adventures
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Thursday, 07 January 2016 15:06

The winter of 2015-2016 will be a special one for Galichnik. Not because of the (un)approachable road from Mavrovo, not because of the weather conditions, not because of the (un)organized celebrations of the New Year's holidays, but because for the first time in almost half a century, Galichnik can be visited in an organized way by tourists and enjoy the winter beauties offered by its surroundings. Marko Bekrikj, the founder of the project "Galichnik winter adventures", decided to put an end of the long period in which Galichnik during the winter wasn't visited by organized groups which previously happened in the seventh decade of the 20th century with the last school excursions and with the last activities of the mountain-ski club "Galichnik".

In addition we give you the detailed explanation by Marko about his project, with some photos of the scenery that can be experienced during the winter period in Galichnik.

Galichnik Wedding 2015
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Monday, 06 July 2015 16:41



Kjurkov Dol
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Tuesday, 17 February 2015 11:41

On 15.02.2015, 5 mountaineers successfully "cut" Bistra mountain to reach Kjurkov Dol, the highest peak in its central massif. The peak above the Galichnik's sheepfolds Saltanica and Solomunica which often provided low temperatures even in the middle of the summer, this time "offered" spring among the space of snow and ice which allowed not to experience the fatigue from the long movement in winter conditions and enjoy the view stretching in the distance in every direction. Maybe its name is a little bit strange and associates with turkey, but it is explained by the fact that in the past, people from galichnik and the rest of the Mijaks when bridging the main paths leading to Mavrovo (the first from Galichnik at the west side, the second fro Lazaropole at the east side) to avoid the ambushes from the thieves through the valley of Jadovska River, often had to ascent to the small saddle between the peak and the rock and to descent in the vale towards the neighboring peak Golem Brzovec, covering themselves with kjurkas (part of the traditional mijak clothes similar to furs) so that they can withstand the cruel weather conditions on these heights.


This winter ascent is described in details using the photos of Borche, Bore, Zoki, Slavcho and Velimir, and it is dedicated to Kjirilo Jankuloski from Galichnik, great expert of Bistra who even in the last moments of his life did not stop deifying its heights and valleys, in winter and in summer. We hope you will enjoy the way he did.


Double promotion
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Monday, 13 June 2016 18:19


Winter "binoculars"
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Monday, 01 February 2016 11:20

The winter in Galichnik lasts longer than in other places, but that does not mean that in the middle of it, a period of stable and sunny weather can not occur, as it was the case in the second half of the first month of 2016. Lot of people seized this opportunity in the last weekend of January to visit Galichnik and the surrounding area. In order to stimulate the new winter guests to experience the winter beauties of Galichnik as soon as possible, because the winter will not last forever, we present several interesting photos made from the nearby peak Rudina, on the opposite side.

Galichnik "protected" by the belt of pine forest.


Colony for Chaloski
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Monday, 26 October 2015 22:41

On 23rd and 24th of October, Galichnik literary colony took place in Galichnik. An unusual period, if it is known that each of the previous years the macedonian literary activists gathered during the Ilinden national holiday to read something from their latest works before the audience in Galichnik. This time, during another holiday, the litterateurs gathered not only for the people from Galichnik and to prevent the discontinuance of the literary colony, but to pay a respect to one of its founders and long-time organizer. Only this time he was not physically present.

The atmosphere in the church St. Petka (photo by Kiro Kiproski)

On the other hand, during those cold autumn days, the people from Galichnik, although not in great numbers as during the summer, followed the colony with attention, not only to listen to the works of the participants but, before all, to pay respect to their fellow citizen, poet and publicist, Todor Chaloski. Only this time he was not phisically present.

The colony started in the church St. Petka with reading of excerpts from his works and expressing memories of him. During this atmosphere of verse reading and arrays of memories, all guests, no matter they were his colleges or his countrymen, realized that Chaloski will be present among them, but on a different way.

Gegoska Bride
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Tuesday, 24 March 2015 21:22

On 23.03.2015, the local community from Galichnik decided that bride and groom of "Galichnik wedding 2015" will be Biljana Gegoska and Filip Belchev. Although there was a great competition in three other pairs, where each of them had one partner with origin from Galichnik, the decision was made upon Biljana's experience in taking part in the wedding ceremonies and besides that she is an excellent horseback rider. With this choice, Biljana will make a great impact in the history of Galichnik weddings as once did the legends of the Galichnik wedding from Gegoski familiy, starting from her grandfather Gjorgji, through her father Krste and ending with their cousins Dejan, Gjoko and Vasko, all of them taking parts as the flag bearers and riders, and without which the wedding rituals could not be imagined at all.

The decision of the organizing committee of "Galichnik wedding 2015" of the local community, can be downloaded from this link. Galichnik.mk congratulates Biljana and Filip and wish them the best wedding experience and happy life together.

Music on cylinders
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 10:18

During the 20th century 30's, there were several events of great importance related to Galichnik, like the construction of the church "St. Petar i Pavle", filming of the first documentary about the wedding ceremonies and, in general, the life in Galichnik, etc.

Heimtrat Kuppers, Gustav's daughter, using the phonogram, during the recording in Galichnik in 1939

Between the filming of the first Hollywood documentary about the Galichnik's weddings in 1931 and the filming of the first Macedonian movie in color with scenes from Galichnik, there was an important visit of a man credited for the affirmation of the wedding music - Gustav Kuppers-Zonnenberg.